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Single Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

NO1 steam inlet
NO2 concentrate imports
NO3 concentrated liquid outlet
NO4 condensed water outlet
NO5 cooling water inlet
NO6 cooling water outlet

1 heater
2 separator
3 forced circulation pump
4 the discharge pump
5 condenser
6 condensate pump
7 water ring type vacuum pump

    Forced circulation evaporator for avoiding heating surface boiling products and the formation of encrustation or to produce crystal, therefore, the tube in which the flow speed must be fast.

    When the circulating fluid to flow through the heat exchanger is heated, and then in the separator pressure decreased when the portion of the material liquid evaporation, so the liquid cooled to be under pressure to the boiling temperature. Due to the reason of circulation pump, the evaporator and the operation of the temperature difference is basically irrelevant, material recycling rate can be precisely adjusted, the rate of evaporation rate is set in a certain range, the crystallization of application, crystal can be regulated through the circulation flow rate and using special separator design from the cycle of crystal mud separation.

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