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The design method of the reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller

    Process enhanced reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller design methods, design and manufacture of the chemical process involved to improve the reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller efficiency. Specifically, for the effective treatment of problems of mutual coupling between the reaction operation and distilling operation in the reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller, there is provided a method for the design of the the process reinforced type reactive Alcohol Recovery Distiller, the method according to the heat of reaction and the reaction mixture is the ratio of the latent heat of vaporization of the three case, is determined by the progressive structure search method and the nonlinear optimization method corresponding strengthening process to promote the internal material of the reaction and distillation operations coupled with internal energy coupling, most significantly reducing the investment in equipment and operating costs of the system, with very high thermodynamic efficiency. Can be used in chemical process synthesis and design, efficient use of energy and the protection of the environment.

    Under normal circumstances, in addition to the aldehyde column bottom temperature of 86-89 ℃, and temperature control tower at 79 ℃, except one of the aldehyde on the tower * condenser water temperature should not fall below 60 ℃, final temperature of the condenser of not less than 25℃.

    The working principle of the fractionator is alcohol by the above two-column distillation, the alcohol concentration is also need to further improve, impurities need to further exclude fractionator distillation purpose is evaporated by heating, condensing, under reflux, except the first stage impurities,mentioning fusel oil, under Pai Mei-level impurities, meet the quality standards of the finished product - alcohol.

    The fractionator overhead temperature of generally be controlled at 79 ℃, bottom temperature should be controlled in the 105-107 ℃, the column temperature in the 88-92 ℃ in the case of normal take wine between.

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