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Three Effect Continuous Evaporation Crystallizer

NO1 steam inlet
NO2 raw material imports
NO3 concentrated liquid(crystal)outlet
NO4 condensed water outlet
NO5 cooling water inlet
NO6 cooling water outlet

1.1st effect heater
2.1st effiect separator
3.2nd effect heater
4. 2nd effect separator(crystallizer)
5. 3rd effect heater
6.3rd effect separator 
7.small vapor separator
8. condenser
9. forced circulation pump
10. the discharge pump
11. circulating pump
12. condensate pump
13. water ring type vacuum pump

    The evaporation equipment are: flow, cross flow, countercurrent evaporation process, according to the different characteristics of the material, adopts different evaporation technology and equipment material. Realization of continuous feeding, continuous discharging, semi automatic management, in the original basis to further optimize the process, greatly reducing the labor force, in order to avoid evaporation process caused by improper operation run material advantages.

    One, applicable scope:

    Applicable to sodium chloride, phenylalanine, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite, sulfate Meng, sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium acid Gan; barium chloride, zinc sulfate, calcium chloride and other materials of evaporation and heat of crystallization.

    Two, special equipment:

    By one or two, A, three effect evaporator, a separator, three effective, two effective crystallizer, condenser and the condensate water.

    B, the unique design of the mold, to meet the continuous feeding, continuous discharging ( supersaturation crystallization solution ) requirements of the process, the forced circulation evaporator formed the best match, the internal structure of the crystal and liquid gets effective rapid separation.

    C, the whole set of technology for evaporation under vacuum, the temperature is relatively low, the evaporation speed, evaporation and low energy consumption, high evaporation concentration, the viscosity larger liquid to flow evaporation, is not easy to scale, is the world’s most advanced evaporation and crystallization combination evaporation equipment.

    Three, evaporation capacity: 500~ 100000kg/h ( Series)

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